Every Summer Ants Would Infest His Home, But After Using This DIY Spray He Hasn’t Seen One Since


Pest are annoying for everybody. Whether or not you’re dealing with cockroaches, ants, or rodents, you want pests out of your home as fast as possible. While some pests carry diseases and can destroy your property, perhaps the most annoying of all are ants.

According to a 2010 survey by the National Pest Management Association, ants are the biggest nuisance in American homes. While they’re not disease-carrying pests, they can harm your homes and induce a painful sting.

But you don’t have to sit by and let ants infest your home or garden this summer. There’s actually a super simple solution to get rid of them for the entire season. Want to know what it is? Scroll down to discover the trick now!

“Carpenter ants pose additional concern to homeowners because these ants can be structurally damaging,” ant researcher Dr. Laurel Hansen writes on the National Pest Management Association website. “They do not actually ‘build’ like carpenters, but they will excavate wood and can be damaging over time if not managed.”

Of course you could turn to commercial insecticides to remove your ant problem. But while these do work, they don’t last long and they are also devastating for the environment.

Other people turn to professional pest removal services to eradicate the unwanted ant infestation. While this usually works very well, it is very expensive. But even these special treatments don’t last long. Owner of Exodus Pest Control, Bryan Healy, suggests his customers get pest control services monthly.

“It’s like a housecleaning service that comes regularly,” Healy tells Angie’s List, a local business review website. “The first time, it’s a deep clean. But after that, it’s just maintenance.”

While monthly pest removal services are great, the costs add up. You can easily spent more than $500 a year on pest control.

So if you’re trying to save money and the environment, what can you do to get rid of an ant infestation? There isone solution.

We found a suitable answer for you on YouTube. User gregthegardener showcases his simple solution that is cheap and environmentally-friendly.

What’s the answer? Mix a solution of sugar, water, and borax and spray it outside your home.

How does it work? The ants are drawn to the sugar and then accidentally eat the borax too. This chemical destroys the ants’ digestive system. But according to the Borax Ant Killer website, this method works very well because while the borax does kill the ants, it keeps them alive long enough to bring the poison to their queen thus killing off the entire colony. Other pesticides just kill individual ants never getting to the source of the infestation.

The EPA claims borax is very safe to use as an insecticide, but make sure no one else in your household is consuming it. Ingesting some of the white powder can be harmful for humans and animals. Plus, if it gets in the eyes or nose, it will cause a bad irritation.

Check out the YouTube video below. More than 3.4 million other people have watched this borax, sugar, water solution to get rid of their ant problem. It works.

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