As An Experiment, He Dresses Transgender And Walks Into The Woman’s Restroom. Here’s What Happens…


As you know, transgender individuals are fighting to use the gender-specific bathrooms they identify with. But many families and other people are shocked at the idea.

In order to shed light on the issue, one YouTuber decided to dress up as a woman and film himself walking into a woman’s bathroom. But how the unsuspecting females inside respond? The truth should prompt us to seriously discuss this issue of transgender.

Instead of this person being an actual transgender, it was part of a “social experiment” by YouTube personality Joey Salads.

But Salads performed the experiment at the perfect time. The nation is currently gripped in a heated debate as to whether individuals identifying as a certain gender should be able to use that restroom or not.

Recently North Carolina passed a bill requiring trans people to use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender on their birth certificate.

In order to do the experiment, Salads puts on a “transgender approved” outfit and starts walking in on women in the bathroom.

Although he wore a wig and a dress, he still looks very much like a man. He didn’t try changing his voice or reducing his masculine features.

In the video, Joey follows women into the girl’s bathrooms. They pretty much shriek as soon as he walks into the bathroom.

Watch at the 3:15-mark. One woman does not hold back her angry and truthful reaction.

Although one woman tried to accepted him, every other one tried to kick him out of the bathroom.

How do you feel about transgender people using the bathroom they identify with?

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