> Fallen Soldier’s Mom Couldn’t Understand Why Her Son’s Grave Was Green, When She Found Out Why She Immediately Broke Down

Fallen Soldier’s Mom Couldn’t Understand Why Her Son’s Grave Was Green, When She Found Out Why She Immediately Broke Down


Death is never an easy to thing to cope with. But it goes without saying that no parent should ever have to bury their child. Unfortunately, for the families of service men and women who risk their lives for America, this is part of the risk and sacrifice their parents face on a daily basis.

United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Joseph Villasenor passed away at the age of 36 years old. Raymond and Rachel Villasenor shared an incredible story about the unfortunate death of their son Joseph and the miracle they experienced shortly after.


Joseph Villasenor served his country for sixteen years before he lost his life tragically in 2010. One day, while visiting his grave at the Garden Park Cemetery in Arlington, Texas, Joseph’s mother Rachel Villasenor noticed something strange – her son’s grave was covered with a trail of beautiful, green grass while nearly all of the other graves were covered with dead grass and dirt.

Was this a miracle of God or the act of one of God’s beautiful children? The Villasenor family was about to find out for themselves…


What Rachel and her husband Raymond were not aware of was a chance-encounter between her daughter and an old man named Jake Reissig a few months earlier. One day, 86 years old Jake Reissig  was visiting his wife Liz’s grave. Jake and Liz Reissig enjoyed a story-book 65 years of marriage with nine beautiful children before Liz laid to rest. Since losing the love of his life, Jake developed a daily routine that he stuck to every single day without fail…J

Jake has a daily routine in his hometown of Arlington, Texas. First, he goes to church each and every morning. Then he has coffee with one of his and Liz’s nine children. Next, he returns home and clips beautiful roses from their garden before visiting his wife Liz’s grave at the Garden Park Cemetery in Arlington, Texas. There, he leaves the roses at her grave and waters her headstone. However, one day he noticed something that he had never noticed there before…

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One day while visiting his wife’s grave as part of his daily routine, Jake noticed a young woman sobbing by a gravestone nearby. Jake went over to comfort the woman and later discovered that the woman was Joseph Villasenor’s sister. Joseph’s sister told Jake Reissig that she was crying because Joseph had been taken from the world far too soon.

While he knew nothing would replace the loss of their son and brother, when Jake left the cemetery that day, he promised himself that he would do something special for Joseph and his family.


Everyday when Jake visited his wife’s grave, he watered the dirt trail near Joseph’s grave. One day when Rachel and her husband Raymond visited their son’s grave, they noticed something spectacular.

Jake Reissig also watering his wife’s grave

When they found out what Jake had been doing for their son Joseph’s grave, Raymond and Rachel Villasenor were overcome with tears of joy. They embraced the old man for his kind gesture.

Villasenor Family with Jake Reissig

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