Father Brings His Blind, Autistic Son On Stage. When He Opened His Mouth, My Jaw Hit The Floor.


Christopher Duffley is a walking miracle. This 12-year-old boy was born extremely premature with a number of terrible conditions. Doctors couldn’t believe he survived, but once you hear his voice you will understand why God saved this boy…

Christopher has the true voice of an angel. Blessed with perfect pitch, Christopher’s singing was a complete shock, as he didn’t even speak a word until he was in the first grade.  Born to troubled parents, Christopher weighed only 1 lb. 12 oz. at birth. Christopher was born blind, with cocaine in his system, and later he was diagnosed with autism.

He is alive today thanks to his aunt, who pulled him out of the foster care system. She says he is a true survivor, overcoming the most difficult of odds and as you will see in this video, it’s the truth. Christopher describes himself as a “musician/singer who happens to be blind and autistic,” and it shows.

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