She Was Filming Tricks With Her Horse, But Never Expected He’d Do THIS!


Eva Roemaat is a well-known horse trainer in the Netherlands, and the owner of an amazing horse named Flip. Active in tricktraining, bitless riding, natural dressage and classical dressage, Eva loves to share videos of her training sessions with Flip — and sometimes, not all her recordings go as planned.

Watch in absolute delight as Flip — who is usually on his best behavior and loves to show off his tricks — goes absolutely bonkers for the camera! Sprinting back and forth, hopping up and down, fleeing from Eva every which way… I love this little guy SO MUCH!!!

Regardless of Flip’s adorable freakout on this particular day, Eva is truly an incredible, loving trainer and horse owner. Her advice for other trainers and horse lovers? “Don’t forget that the horse is the most important teacher! The horse is a window to the soul, so look at him carefully to find out who and how you really are. Fight for your dreams, persevere and make sure to pursue training together, not alone.”

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