They Find An Exhausted Mother, But What’s Underneath Her Body Shocked Them All…


An abandoned dog is being hailed as a hero after he used a persistent bark to lead passersby to a litter of ten sick, newborn puppies and their exhausted mother.

All 10 puppies and their mother are alive and well — and it’s all because of an abandoned dog now known as Hero.

Marina Tarashevsce, an animal rescuer with Dallas Dogrrr – Rescue, Rehab, Reform, spoke to “Fox and Friends Weekend.” She said that she always saw Hero with another stray dog, Mona. But because Hero’s barks were loud and distressed, she assumed something was wrong with Hero’s friend, or that she was pregnant. She followed Hero, who instead led her to the puppies.

The more she got closer to Hero, the more he would move farther away and continue barking, as if saying, “Keep coming this way.” We’ve seen this before, when a worried dog led a cop to a burning home, where his owner lay injured and helpless.

Today, the puppies are doing great. They are with their mother and Hero in a foster home, together. The animal rescue group hopes to find homes for the puppies once they’re weaned from their mom.

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