Firefighter Team Hatches A Brilliant Plan To Rescue A Horse Trapped In A Sinkhole


It’s easy to forget how many things the human body is able to do that other animals can’t. Not only do we have the ability to speak and solve complex problems, but even something as simple as having opposable thumbs makes a world of difference.

Think of all the things that our bodies are capable of that other animals aren’t just because we have two legs instead of four! We can climb, pick things up, and even reach our backs!

With that in mind, animals often find themselves trapped in difficult situations that we would have no problem getting ourselves out of. When they’re in a situation that humans would find scary, an animal ends up being in even worse shape! So when this horse found himself unable to get out of a sinkhole, it was up to some skilled humans to help.

In Kittitas County, Washington recently, the owners of an elderly male horse named Copper were concerned when he suddenly went missing. They knew he wasn’t able to move with the speed he once did, and they became nervous with the thought that he’d gotten into some trouble. When they searched the area where they’d left him along with the other horses, they came to a terrifying conclusion: he’d fallen into a 15-foot-deep sinkhole that had appeared seemingly overnight.

Sure enough, they peeked into the hole and spotted the poor horse. He was alive… but he was trapped in deep mud. They immediately jumped into action and contacted Kittitas County Fire District #7; a local team of excavators; and even the horse’s vet, Dr. Sam Taylor. They knew they needed to act fast, and they couldn’t risk leaving him down there for much longer.


The excavators realized that the hole that Copper had fallen into was so small, it would’ve been too difficult to raise him out of there. Instead, it was time for plan B: they dug a ramp into the side of the hole with the hopes that the horse would walk out on his own. It took two excruciating hours to dig the ramp and try to coax out the hungry and dehydrated horse—but he persevered!


But perhaps the most heartwarming part of the rescue was what the other horses did after Copper was able to stand up on his own. “As soon as he walked out, he gave a little neigh, and the horses that were in the pasture [did] as well,” said a spokesperson for the fire department. “They all ran together as a little herd and came over and check on him… it was amazing!” You can see Copper’s triumphant moment climbing out of the pit below!

It’s such a relief that Copper was okay after suffering from such a freak accident. How wonderful is it that so many people in the community pitched in to help?

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