The First Picture Shocked Me. But Not Nearly As Much As The Next Five… Whoa.


Agee is unlike any other polar bear you’d ever see in captivity or in the wild. Her best friend is her human animal trainer, Mark Abbot Dumas. He took her in and began hand-raising her when she was only a tiny cub. Now, he can wrestle, play and train her while completely trusting her.

Not everyone can take a long nap with a polar bear after a long day of work.

Agee performs a variety of commands for Mark, but in exchange for her favorite treats. She loves to chow down on steak, cookies, salmon and chocolates. Her trainer believes that she actually loves her work. “They are extremely intelligent animals and you can see she gets enjoyment out of being stimulated through her work.”

She could have never lived in the wild, so it’s important to keep her busy. Her work and play with Mark makes her happy (even if she does get a little jealous when she sees him working with other women).

Via Daily Mail

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