> This German Shepherd Is Not A Fan Of His Dad’s Singing, And Really Lets Him Know It

This German Shepherd Is Not A Fan Of His Dad’s Singing, And Really Lets Him Know It


There’s nothing quite like singing in the shower. Those perfect acoustics of the tiles are just irresistible sometimes, and every once in a while, someone nearby might be inclined to join in.

That was the case for one man and his German shepherd, Maximus. While in the bathroom, the dog owner decided to show off his singing voice. That’s when Maximus just couldn’t resist giving his two cents about it…

When you hear how Max responded, you’ll find yourself howling… with laughter!

When Maximus the German shepherd heard his owner start to sing in the bathroom, he looked up, slightly confused. He didn’t quite know what to make of the strange noises coming from his friend.

His curiosity forced him to inch closer to the sound as he tried to determine how best to respond to this impromptu concert. All the while, his owner continued with his joyful tune…


There’s nothing cuter than seeing Maximus’s enormous ears perk up as he tried to discern what his wacky owner was doing. Well, there was one thing cuter than that, and it happened right after…


With a hearty woof, Maximus started to try and match his own note for note. Still, as with many first-time performers, Max was a little shy about showing off his pipes. Soon enough, however, he was ready to cut loose.


That’s when he really started howling! Then, what was once a solo performance had become a duet! Truth be told, Maximus had some serious pipes. His owner almost had to stop, he was so impressed!

Still, nothing could do this rocking performance justice quite like hearing it for yourself! Just hang in there, because as soon as you hear Maximus sing, you’ll wonder where you can get his album!


Is he embarrassed? Or is Max just that awesome of a crooner? What a silly dog!

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