Go Ahead, Try To Find The 6 Words Hidden In This Cartoon


Recently, the internet was overtaken by the task of finding the hidden panda in one artist’s drawing. Now, a brand new visual test is going viral… and this one is even more difficult than the last.

Highlights is a longstanding children’s publication that dates all the way back to 1946. A particular eye puzzle straight out of the classic publication is making its rounds online, challenging people of all ages to find the six words hidden in the picture. Below is a colorful cartoon drawing of a family sitting peacefully in their living room, each member enthralled in their own books. We’ve got Mom, Dad, brother, sister, cat, and dog — along with secret words scrawled throughout.

Some words are easier to spot than others, and countless participants are saying this challenge took muchlonger than they thought!

Can you spot the six hidden words?

Ready… Set… Go!

See if you can find the six words hidden amongst this family of avid readers. It’s taking some people a very long time to find them all. Scroll down to unlock the answers.


1. Read


2. Novel


3. Book


4. Story


5. Words


6. Page


Did you find them all? Let us know, but don’t spoil the answers for others.

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