> Golden Retriever Shows Puppy How To Use A Slide

Golden Retriever Shows Puppy How To Use A Slide


Going around the playground and trying out every single piece of equipment is almost like a rite of passage as a child. You start with what’s not too difficult, like the swing or the see saw, and graduate to what’s harder, like the monkey bars.

But for this poor golden retriever pup, it seems like he’s having a hard time getting to know one of my childhood favorites: the slide!

For those of us who weren’t afraid of heights, the slide was easy enough to master. You climb to the very top and slide all the way back down. Sure, it’s scary the first time, but after that? Such a breeze.

Thankfully, this adorable golden retriever had some help when he found himself stuck inside the slide! Both his doggie and human friends seem used to the slide, but when it’s his turn, he seems hesitant to go down after them. He ventures into the mouth of the slide, and refuses to come all the way down. But his companion insists on him coming down, so he pulls on the leash until the pup comes out on the other end!

Now, we think that both these smart pups will be using the slide together very often!

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