Grandma Takes in ‘Stray Cat.’ Grandson Takes 1 Look & Tells Her It’s Impostor


Eric Hertlein’s grandmother is, like many women of her age and station, an avid cat lover. She is welcoming to strays and always makes space for her furry friends.

And who wouldn’t? When there’s a passel of homeless furballs around, how could you not bring them in and care for them?

Well Grandma’s heart was big and she brought them in. Large cats, small cats, old cats, and young cats.

At one point she found a little kitten struggling outside, clearly coming up to the house in an attempt to find shelter. She ushered it in without another thought, and it grew up alongside her other cats.

She named him “Tete,” and all the furbabies got along smashingly. She didn’t give it another thought.

But maybe she should’ve given it another look.