Guilty Dogs Can’t Wait To See Their Human, But When He Asks Them THIS Question… I Have NO Words!


These two pitbulls, Missy and Laydie, are excited to see their owner, Étienne Harris when he gets home but they well know that they were up to no good while he was away.

What happens when he confronts them with the evidence is very funny. As Etienne writes:

“They destroyed my sweatpants and didn’t want to fess up to it.”

The following clip is about two pet dogs and their owner. While at work, the dogs tore his pair of trousers. On arriving home, the owner realized what they had done and decided to ask them. But first, he called them to say hi to them, of which they came running to him and wagging their tails.

Then the bomb came. When he changed the tone and asked who had tampered with his pants, the dogs sped out of the door and went to stand at the door step. This clearly shows that dogs do know when they have done a wrong thing.

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