> Guy Builds Incredible Expanding Table Out Of Wooden Slab

Guy Builds Incredible Expanding Table Out Of Wooden Slab


A little while back, we introduced you to a revelation in furniture making, courtesy of Fletcher Burwell-Taylor in the UK. A viral video showed an otherwise ordinary-looking table that expands into a gorgeous design while transforming into a table twice the original size. However, the table costs between $50,000 to $70,000!

Scott, a talented builder from Michigan, has designed and constructed an extraordinary expanding table for himself — and it costs much, much less. YouTube viewers are so impressed by Scott’s creation, calling it a brilliant show of craftsmanship and engineering. The second I saw Scott start spinning the table to reveal his amazing design, I fell in love.

“The mechanism itself costs a little less than $450.00 USD based on 2015 Midwest US material prices. The legs and top panels could roughly double (or more) that figure, depending on the material grade, thus bringing my total estimated project cost to between $800 and $1200,” he writes on his website. He also sells specific plans for individuals who’d like to construct the table themselves.

One YouTube commenter says, “If that were in my dining room, I wouldn’t be able to stop playing with it!”

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