> Guy Who Hits His Girlfriend In Front Of Her Son, Get’s What’s Coming To Him. That Had To Hurt

Guy Who Hits His Girlfriend In Front Of Her Son, Get’s What’s Coming To Him. That Had To Hurt


It takes a special kind of coward to hit a woman, but this man got a taste of his own medicine from the teenage son of the woman he physically abused.

The man is captured on video hitting a woman in front of her son and daughter in the street. Her son’s reaction is immediate, coming to his mother’s defense and flattening the offender with one well-placed punch.

The mother, remarkably kneels down to see if the man is okay after receiving the blow. Did the son’s punch teach the man a lesson? It’s hard to tell, but he did issue a pretty stern warning about messing with his mom. It’s too bad she didn’t appreciate her son coming to her rescue.

A lot of people weighed in on the YouTube video, with comments such as: “What kind of idiot hits a guy’s mom in front…guess I answered that one” and “Nice! Solid contact.”

A debate over whether the boy’s reaction was justified heated up on the comments section, with one person saying the teenager overreacted, and another saying: “first, nobody was getting beat, there was a slap in the face. I would not sink to his level.The son continued the violence and the mother ended it by hovering over her hubby. No I dont approve of spousal abuse; as for protecting his mom, no he was defending his mom. Protecting her would mean he would have stopped it from happening in the first place and that’s what I would have done. Stopped it from ever happening.”

Another commenter responded: “you’re right, no one was getting beat because the son put an end to it fast. Sink to his level? there’s nothing lower then a man who puts his hands on a women, in this case her ‘hubby.’ With your last sentence I’m assuming you can see into the future, because that slap came from nowhere and at that point you see the transition from the boy protecting her to defending her.”

Others commented on the mother’s reaction after her son punched the man, with one person writing: “I’m pissed the mom wanted to make sure he was okay. I would have kicked his knocked out ass and walked away.”

Another person explained: “This is called Stockholm syndrome. It’s actually a psychological phenomenon which occurs quite often. She doesn’t really have any control over it. I view it as being similar to a drug addict. Obviously no one who can see clearly that something is harmful and destroying their life would continue to abuse that substance. It’s key to remember than there is no such thing as reality; we all only have our biases of what reality is.”

Still others wondered about what happened to cause the whole incident, with one commenter noting: “Does anyone know the full story?,” and another person responding: “He thought it was ok to hit her, in front of her children no less. He got what he deserved.”

Others summed it up by writing: “One word to describe this video, KARMA” and “give this young man a medal.”

Another person noted: “I applaud that young man…I applaud his restraint. I wouldn’t have been so lenient or so kind if someone struck my mother in front of me.”