> I Haven’t Laughed This Hard In A While. Animals See Themselves In Mirror For The First Time

I Haven’t Laughed This Hard In A While. Animals See Themselves In Mirror For The First Time


We have all heard the old saying “monkey see, monkey do,” but what happens when a monkey actually sees itself in a mirror? Well, some folks at a wildlife preserve decided to find out what baboons, chimps, gorillas, elephants, and various wild cats would do if they saw themselves in a mirror. So they build a special mirror and placed it in a habitat where each species could see for themselves.

The video, posted to YouTube by CatersTV, is pretty funny actually. Although we did think there were a couple of scary moments. You should check this video out. It will definitely make you chuckle out loud.

This project was undertaken by the French photographer Xavier Hubert-Brierre, who travelled to the African country of Gabon with his wife to do this imaginative shoot. Since being posted to the internet, it has been watched over forty five million times, and has over one hundred and seventy thousand likes.

People can not get enough of this video, and have taken to social media to say all kinds of things about it, like:

“chimps are very similar to us. They are able to recognize their reflection.”- Pedro Ricnon

“the gorilla that kept challenging himself hahahaha. I was waiting for one of them to be so threatened they throw their shit at the mirror and the cleaning guy hating his job when cleaning it.”- Jess Alas

“My dad has the same reaction when he sees himself in the mirror. Weird”- Albert Lopez

“All those animals are so beautiful.”- Caydon Arsenia

“I like how the chimps actually tested the mirror to find out what it was. They’re so smart compared to other primates like that gorilla that kept challenging himself.”-ttlpwn34

“I wonder if this was done at one of those animal safari places because they got quite a few animals looking at that mirror.” – Samdiego

“i like how the elephant is just like ‘meh’”- The Dude

“The chimps seem to be the ones who realise it’s a mirror. An awareness of self?”- Elizabethr1554

“Am I looking good ? Yeah I’m looking good.”- Aditya Shankar

“It looks as though the elephant did as well, but seemed apathetic. I couldn’t tell on the leopard. I’m actually surprised the gorilla reacted as if he saw a rival gorilla. I’m sure he had the intelligence to figure it out. maybe he just reacted emotionally before investigating like the chimps did. The thing that makes the chimpanzees amazing is they seemed to play with the idea a lot.”- Icpps

“yeah the chimps at first probably thought that their was another chimp imitating them and they tryed too attack it, then finally realized they were looking at themselves and started having fun with it.”- Joshua Black

“bird… no clue, thinks it’s open air; panther… aware it’s something never seen before and investigates; gorilla… aware it’s an image, doesn’t realize it is own image; chimps… realize they are looking at themselves.”- Kate Moon

Have you ever watched your cat or dog play with a mirror? What did they do? Please share your stories with us here.