Helpless Woman Locks Her Dog In The Car, 7-Eleven Hero Saves The Day


It was a tough year for a woman named Chantelle. Her mother has PTSD after jumping from a window to escape a house fire. Her father passed away. Her husband was laid-off. And it all seemed to come to a head in a 7-Eleven parking lot.

Chantelle planned to grab a quick coffee — but when she returned to her car, she realized she had made a terrible mistake. She accidentally locked her dog, Cola, inside with the engine running. The only set of keys were inside the car.

She tried to convince passers-by to break her window. Then, she tried to convince a locksmith to come unlock the car door for a reduced price, since she didn’t have enough to pay in full. No one would help her as Cola remained trapped. She was crying, panicking, and at the end of her rope.

Just as Chantelle was on the verge of a breakdown, a woman — a complete stranger — approached Chantelle with something in her hand. Watch the video below to find out what she gave to Chantelle on that fateful day…

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