> Hero Jogger Saves Children From Drowning In Reservoir

Hero Jogger Saves Children From Drowning In Reservoir


When a young woman named Rebecca visited Boston, she decided to go for a jog around the beautiful Brookline Reservoir. It was an ordinary summer afternoon — but little did she know, she was about to become an unlikely hero.

As Rebecca ran around the crowded reservoir, and from about 100 yards away, she noticed a double stroller carrying two small children beginning to roll forward. The mother had her back to the stroller, but there was no time to call out to her. Within seconds, her boy and girl, nearly two and four years old, had plunged over the embankment and into the water, facedown. Without a second of thought, Rebecca jumped in after it.

The stroller was completely waterlogged, but luckily Rebecca is a trained lifeguard — and it turned out to be an even bigger blessing in disguise, as the distraught mother jumped into the water and grabbed onto Rebecca; she couldn’t swim!

This is truly a selfless act, and I only hope everyone would do the same thing if they were in Rebecca’s position. This is a powerful reminder to never turn you back on your kids, even for a second!

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