He’s About To Toss A Sealed Trash Bag Into His Garbage Truck, When He Hears A Tiny Cry…


Garbage men get teased a lot. And certainly, their job is sometimes one of the worst around.

But, it’s also a job that all of us depend on. Without them, our world would soon be covered with garbage…as many cities have discovered when sanitation workers have gone on strike!

It’s an honorable profession and one that requires a lot of patience and dedication.

Sometimes, besides the heroic job they do every day of whisking our unwanted garbage out of sight and out of mind, they get to be heroes in another way.

A sanitation worker in Florida recently got a surprise when he tossed a sealed garbage bag onto his truck, and heard a faint cry coming from within it.

Startled, he grabbed the bag and opened it. Inside, he found…

…another garbage bag. This one completely sealed. When he opened the second bag, he discovered to his great surprise and dismay…


…a tiny, 4-week-old puppy!

Whoever left her there obviously meant for her to die because she was going to suffocate being inside the other bag that was completely sealed,” Jessie Pena, vice president of Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project in Miami, told The Dodo.

I don’t think it was that long because she was still alive, and she was crying and making noises.

After pulling the puppy out of the bag and making sure it was breathing, the sanitation worker started calling different rescue organizations to get help for the puppy.


As it turned out, Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project was the group that responded — and Pena herself went to get the puppy as quickly as she could.

Oxygen deprivation can do a lot of damage, so naturally, they were very concerned that the puppy could have suffered brain damage from being taped inside an airtight bag.

Amazingly, the puppy showed no signs of damage from her ordeal.

There was a bit of swelling around the head, though, so they rushed her to a veterinarian to be sure the damage wasn’t serious or life-threatening.


The puppy was so tiny and weak that there was serious doubt that she could make it, even without any health issues…

We took her to the emergency vet, and she confirmed that she does have a complete fracture,” Pena said.

She wasn’t able to eat, she wasn’t able to walk, she wasn’t able to do anything when we first brought her in.”

Besides the potential health issues and her terrible trauma, the puppy was far too young to have been taken away from her mother.


That alone could have put her into shock and killed her.

Yet the puppy, whom Pena named Merry since she was found just before the Christmas holidays, responded well to medical treatment.

She’s made a significant improvement,” Pena said. “The swelling has gone down about 80 percent. She’s now eating on her own.

She is walking in her bed, but she’s not able to walk away from her bed — she doesn’t have that much energy.


And she’s learning how to be at least a somewhat normal puppy again.

Despite everything she’d been through, Merry is slowly learning to trust people.

The vet was saying that she’s very sweet, and she just wants to be cuddled,” Pena said.

“She is recognizing the people who care for her. She is rolling on her back and trying to play like a puppy.


To help Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project rescue more animals like Merry, you can make a donation.