High School Teacher Leaves Student Sleeping During Class, His Reason Will Touch Your Heart


I’m sure a lot of us have fallen asleep before in a situation that we shouldn’t have. Whether it was a boring board meeting, a particularly dragging school-class or in the middle of a film at the cinema. We are always on-the-go nowadays so the moment we sit down to relax, our bodies take it as a sign it’s time to sleep.

With so many expectations placed on young people to excel in everything they do in an ever-competitive world, it can eventually take its toll. So when an otherwise good student slips up and misses an assignment, you have to wonder why.

High school English teacher, Monte Syrie, recognizes the stress placed on young people more than anyone. Syrie who teaches at Cheney High School in Spokane, Washington, recently took to Twitter to explain why he allowed one of his students to sleep through his lesson.

Most teachers would write up sleeping students, but instead of waking her up and telling her to pay attention, he allowed her to sleep. His story is a great reminder to be compassionate and remember that everyone is facing battles you know nothing about.









Syrie’s message is a powerful reminder to give kids a break and remember that school isn’t the only thing in their lives. They often have responsibilities outside of school too, so when you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep!

Syrie could have failed her for turning in her essay late, but instead, he chose to show kindness and understood that she needed more time. It is what happens to you outside the classroom that affects how you perform inside the classroom.

The kind English teacher shared his story as part of Project 180, Lets Change Education, in a quest to change education for the better. The aim is to shift teacher’s focus from grading to learning, and fellow teachers and parents couldn’t agree more as his tweets went viral overnight.


His tweets and the powerful message they provide, have made a huge impression. Monte Syrie has been overwhelmed by the amount of attention his tweets have gathered. More and more people every day told their own stories of how teacher’s compassion affected their high school experiences.

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Needless to say, we could all learn a lesson from Syrie’s story. Hopefully, education will do a 180 someday soon and start nurturing the people in its care, rather than placing more importance on being an A student than taking care of yourself.

“It tells me that there are many out there who come from a place of compassion and empathy in education. It tells me that there are many out there who understand that we are not producing products in our classrooms; we are helping humans grow. It tells me that there are many out there who believe that trusting our instincts and going against the grain when it benefits our kids is okay. It tells me that I am not alone. I am glad that I am not alone. I now know that more than ever. And it’s all because Meg slept.”


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