> She Hot Glued Marbles To A FOAM Ball! Now, She Keeps It OUTSIDE For THIS! AMAZING!

She Hot Glued Marbles To A FOAM Ball! Now, She Keeps It OUTSIDE For THIS! AMAZING!


Instead of buying one from the store, she picked up a foam ball and covered it with marbles. The result looks just like it!

Foam balls are probably the last thing you would consider using when it comes to making your own home decor, but maybe they should be the first!

Blogger Jennifer Priest shared how she used the material along with flat glass marbles to make the most beautiful gazing ball for her garden!

You’d expect the final result to look sort of cheap, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

“People have been gluing flat back marbles onto things and calling it art since the 1980s,” Jennifer wrote on her blog post about the project. “Question is, what can’t flat back glass marbles do? Why not make a gazing ball the same way?”

She started the process by collecting all her supplies, which include flat marbles, hot glue, and what are called “smoothfoam” balls.


“Smoothfoam has a flat, smooth surface that is easy to glue and paint,” Jennifer wrote, explaining that it’s different from Styrofoam, which would be way harder to use because it melts easily and absorbs the paint.

Once Jennifer had all the supplies ready to go, she started by painting the smaller of her two foam balls.


She chose a color that was similar to that of her marbles.

After the paint had dried, she warmed up the glue gun and started adding the marbles, smooth side facing towards the ball of course.


Jennifer tried to keep the marbles as close to each other as possible, but the paint is for the gaps that can’t be avoided.

That’s the last step she had to complete to make her first gazing ball!


Once it was finished, she repeated the process with her larger ball.


Obviously, she had to plan accordingly with the marbles and get enough to cover both surface areas.


When both of the spheres were finished and covered with marbles, it was time to put them in the backyard garden!

They look so good in the space, and just as nice as store-bought garden decor that can get high in price.


Find more details about the project here and watch the video below for the complete instructions.