Her Husband Tragically Died. At His Funeral She Felt Something Was Wrong. What Doctors Tell Her? WOW


Meeting your perfect soulmate is a one and a lifetime experience. Once you have found your special other half then your whole life changes. It is this pivotal moment that is what makes love so powerful.

For Courtney Hill, she found her soul mate in the middle of a raging snow storm in 2011.

They two hit it off from the second they met and were inseparable ever since. They got married shortly after, and found that fairy-tale romance that felt too good to be true. They could not be more content with each other and their lives.

Eventually, the couple decided to extend their happy family. They had their gorgeous baby girl and named her Reagan. They found happiness with their little bundle of joy and decided to try for another child.


But before any of that could happen, Courtney’s world got flipped upside down.

On February 2, 2016 Brian was killed due to a trucking accident. Courtney’s whole life changed in that one instant, and she had to start to start her new life.

Not only that, but her daughter had to undergo the loss of her father as well.


But suddenly during Brian’s funeral, Courtney started to feel sick in ways that did not seem right. She was down from the grief of losing her husband, but this was something more than that. Courtney took a pregnancy test to see if she could shed some light on the situation.

Turns out she was pregnant!

As time went on Courtney began feeling worse and less strong, so she went to the doctor in fear of not only losing her husband, but her new baby too.

What she didn’t expect to hear though, was that her child was fine, and so were the other two. Apparently the whole time Courtney had been carrying triplets!


The mother of four can’t wait to have three more angels in her life, especially as they remind her of her husband Brian. They will be a continual reminder to her of all the love that they once shared, and all the love that is to come from her three new babies!


What a touching and beautiful way for Brian to live on in the heart of Courtney.