Husband’s Birthday Cake Reveals His Wife Is A Perfect Kidney Match In Emotional Family Video


Birthdays are always fun. It’s a time to indulge in delicious birthday cake and reflect on your accomplishments, life lessons, and appreciation for friends and family who are your biggest fans. It’s also a time to give thanks for good health, but unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to have it.

For one husband named Eddie, one of his biggest birthday wishes was to find a kidney match so he can continue to live a long and prosperous life. What starts out to be a bittersweet birthday dinner surrounded by loved ones turns into the surprise of a lifetime.

His wife surprises him with a birthday cake that reads, “We’re a match in more ways than one!” thus revealing that she’s a match to donate one of her kidneys to him! (If you look closely, there’s also an image of two joining kidneys on the frosting of the cake!)

Completely caught off guard, it takes a minute for the incredible news to really sink in. When it registers that his wife is indeed a match, Eddie is overcome with emotion.

“What? Seriously? No way!” he says.

The couple then lovingly embraces each other, knowing that Eddie will now have a second shot at a healthy life.

When his friends and family get wind of what just happened they are shocked as well. Still overwhelmed, Eddie places his hands over his face and covers his head on the table to hide his tears and raw emotion. Then come more hugs and tears!

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