> Husky Approaches Newborn Baby. Now Watch The German Shepherd…OMG

Husky Approaches Newborn Baby. Now Watch The German Shepherd…OMG


When bringing a baby into a home with dogs, it’s paramount to make sure the home environment is safe and comfortable for everyone — especially when those dogs happen to be a German Shepherd and husky, two of the largest, most intelligent and most protective breeds.

Here, we see a gorgeous German Shepherd named Ryder protecting baby Madison. This is only the second day Madison is home from the hospital, and he’s already keeping a watchful eye over his newborn sister. Initially, he didn’t like his Husky brother getting near her, and here you’ll see an instant where the Husky tried to get up close and personal with her, but clearly he’s being told by Ryder to keep away. It’s a mix of incredible, adorable and even a bit unnerving.

Mom says, “Before you make any negative comments about us not being responsible, we had already trained/desensitized our dogs with a lifelike baby doll for several weeks prior to the arrival of our baby, even though we trust our dogs completely and we do not leave them alone with the baby.”

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