I’ve Made Bacon A Ton Of Ways. But After Seeing His Method, I’ll Never Make It Another Way Again


Nowadays, everything is about bacon. If you can think of a recipe, there’s probably already been a bacon version of it or some bacon infused recipe that some bacon lover had to try. Not only that, there are hundreds of different ways to prepare bacon, from dinner to dessert and everything in between.

There are even known bacon flavored candies like lollipops and candied bacon itself!

There are so many ways to prepare bacon too. Deep-frying it, baking it, wrapping it around your favorite treat, the possibilities are endless. Each way of cooking bacon gives it a different taste, so knowing how to cook your bacon the proper way is key.

Bacon is so popular that even other animals are made into bacon just to satisfy our sick need for new ways to eat bacon. Turkey, for example, is not something you would picture frying up into a crispy strip, that is before bacon came along. Now the possibilities are endless.

One thing never goes out of style though, and that is just some simple fried bacon strips. Every favorite breakfast I can recall always had some bacon in it, because who doesn’t want bacon with their eggs in the morning?

Luckily, this video shows you a super easy way to make bacon better than you ever have before! By following this video’s instructions, you can get nice crispy bacon without having to burn it to a crisp.

First, start by placing your bacon strips in a skillet and pour enough water so that it just covers all the bacon. Make sure to turn your heat to high.

The reason you pour so much water in your pan is actually to help the bacon from burning and to ensure its delicious taste. Don’t worry about making your bacon soggy; this is just what it needs! The excess water keeps the cooking temperature low at first, which ensures that the bacon is moist and tender.

Once you see the water start to boil, turn the heat from high down to medium.  After a while the water is going to evaporate, leaving you with less water than you started with. Once the water is completely gone from the pan, turn the heat down to medium-low and cook until your bacon is crisp and browned.

Making sure the water boils is crucial because the boiling point of water is 212 degrees, which is the perfect temperature to render the bacon fat. This helps because you aren’t waiting for the fat to melt while the bacon cooks too long and ends up burning.

You can also feel free to wipe off any excess grease with a paper towel to make your bacon not too overloaded with grease.

And there you have it! Now you can make delicious bacon for your friends and family with ease, but everyone else will just think you’re a bacon guru. This simple trick will change your bacon experience forever, all just because of some extra water!

Try this recipe out for yourself and tell us what you thought about it in the comments below!