Keep Your Eye On The Watermelon. At :18, I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!


Cats might just be the sneakiest of all animals. These clever little creatures use their ninja-like reflexes to become true masters of stealth.

Not only can they be sneaky, like this kitty who keeps stealing treats from the cupboard, but they’re also capable of doing things we’ve never seen (like sitting on top of their human’s head after the shower). If that’s not enough to convince, here’s a video that should prove that cats are also the absolute master of the sneak attack.

In the clip, one tiny cat sneaks into the new watermelon cat bed and goes undercover. As the other cats try to investigate, he’s ready to pounce — but just wait for it! Just when the older cats thought it was safe to try out the cat bed, they’re in for a very big surprise… These felines didn’t even see that sneak attack coming! Cats are just adorable little troublemakers, but it only makes us love them even more.

I really shouldn’t laugh, but this is just too funny. Cats know how to be playful and have fun, and you can tell the cat in this video is so satisfied to play a friendly joke on his unsuspecting pal.

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