Kids Tried To Drown This Puppy In Glue, But Now He’s Making A Spectacular Recovery


Typically, we think of children as being more innocent and kind than adults. Since they haven’t experienced as much, the thought goes, they’re more “pure” than their parents.

That wasn’t the case for a group of children in Turkey, however. When they came across a stray puppy named Pascal on the streets, they cruelly decided to cover him from head to toe in glue and drag him through tall grass. By the time they were finished with him, he was barely breathing, and encased in a solid prison of grass, glue and fur.

A rescue organization named He’Art of Rescue International found Pascal in time to have a shot at saving him. His recovery was going to be a challenge, and there was no guarantee he’d make it…

When the rescuers at Turkey’s He’Art of Rescue International found Pascal, a poor stray puppy, he was barely able to move. A group of children had nearly drowned him in glue and dragged him through grass.

He’Art Of Rescue / Facebook

The glue, grass, and dirt had all hardened into his fur like some sort of concrete that made it impossible for him to move his joints. He likely wouldn’t have been able to live much longer without help. Luckily, he was about to get some.

He’Art Of Rescue / Facebook

After bringing him back to their clinic, the staff at the rescue organization worked to get him cleaned up. Still traumatized from his ordeal, Pascal wasn’t exactly comfortable. He was, however, due for a trim either way.

He’Art Of Rescue / Facebook

With no other option but to shave off all of Pascal’s hardened fur, the rescuers grabbed their electric razors. They had to shave his fur so low that he was almost entirely naked. Thankfully, this improved Pascal’s prognosis exponentially.

He’Art Of Rescue / Facebook

Three months later, despite all of the odds, Pascal was ready to be shipped off to a new home in Spain. At that point, he looked like a completely new puppy! Where once he’d almost been covered in hardened glue and grass, he was now a healthy young pup ready for a home!

He’Art Of Rescue / Facebook

The rescuers hadn’t expected Pascal to make such a sterling recovery, but with a combination of generous donations and the pup’s sheer will to survive, he had made it. What a handsome fellow he’s become!

He’Art Of Rescue / Facebook


This video from He’Art of Rescue details a good bit of Pascal’s incredible, odds-defying recovery. Stay tuned for the end for some recent footage of him playing with his new owners!

Wow! Pascal sure is a cutie, huh? How could anyone have been so cruel to him? Thankfully, he’s somewhere safe and loving now… and hopefully those kids learned not to pick on poor animals.

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