> Who Knew Toothpaste Can Clean Your Dirty Headlights, Too?

Who Knew Toothpaste Can Clean Your Dirty Headlights, Too?


Here’s something you probably would have never, ever thought of on your own, but absolutely need to know about…

If you haven’t already noticed, we’re pretty into finding the best “quick fixes” and saving you time and money here at LittleThings. Sometimes that means turning trash into treasure and sometimes, like in this next video, that means finding an alternate purpose for an everyday household item.

We’ve seen it been done before in this video about using shaving cream foam to clean and create a barrier for fog in this video and again here, where you can actually remove scratches from wood with a nut of all things, but what they use in this next video is the most surprising one yet.

One important part of your car that’s easy to forget about is your headlights. You want to always make sure they stay clear for nighttime, because with all the dirt and dust in the air, they get dirty pretty quickly. We’ve learned in the past that you can try bug spray  and a sock to get the job donequickly, but if you want to keep your headlights bright for as long as possible, this video guarantees that the same method we use on our teeth works wonders.

YouTuber ChrisFix uses Colgate, but any brand of plain, white toothpaste should do the trick!

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