Lawyer Won’t Leave This Woman Alone On Her Flight. What She Does Next Is Genius!

Flights are undoubtedly one of the most convenient modes of travel, but travelling long distances could be physically taxing. Mainly due to being confined to a chair which makes you unable to stretch and sleep comfortably. However, a few journeys can be memorable if you have an interesting co-passenger on the other hand, an annoying person seated next to you can turn these few hours into a nightmare. Even if you are tired and want to retire till the flight lands, your co-passengers curiosity to know more about you might force you to get into a conversation. That’s exactly what happened to this woman who had to unfortunately sit next to an annoying man on her long flight. This man, who is a lawyer by profession, asks the woman to indulge in a game. Although the woman is initially hesitant, she finally agrees to the man’s request. What happens towards the end will leave you in splits.