> It Looks Like A Stick Figure, But When It Moves Closer…WOW!!

It Looks Like A Stick Figure, But When It Moves Closer…WOW!!


Halloween just isn’t Halloween without a little glow in the dark fun to light up the night.

While every other kid (make that parent) struggles to get together their costume for some serious trick-or-treating, one little girl has already won our unofficial Halloween costume contest. Last Halloween, this video of a baby girl named Zoey running around in an LED light stickman costume went super viral. It’s been seen over 22 million times on YouTube and since then her Dad, the maker of this original, simple and genius costume, has even started selling them online!

Now that “Glowy Zoey” is a toddler and the whole world is watching, wondering what’s next, Dad knew he had to up the ante for her 2014 costume. In this video, Zoey wears her awesome Minnie Mouse LED costume as she talks about going to Disney World in her new suit! She couldn’t be any cuter and this costume couldn’t be any more mesmerizing. This time around, the lights even respond to her voice and glow a rainbow of color in the dark night.

If Zoey came to my house I’d probably just give up and give her all my candy. She may not even fully be able to speak yet, but this cutie definitely has the coolest costume around.

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