> How To Make The Ideal Ice Cream Sandwich

How To Make The Ideal Ice Cream Sandwich


With summer quickly approaching, ice cream and everything ice cream-related will soon be all the rage. Let’s not kid ourselves, ice cream is a decadent dessert all year round, but it’s particularly enjoyable in the summer in helping combat the heat. Most people have fond memories of chasing the ice cream truck around the block when they were younger, eager to get their hands on something sweet with no worries about school or a job. For me, the familiar jingle brings back childhood memories in an instant – and also leaves my sweet tooth aching.

One of the most popular summer treats is the ice cream sandwich. What’s better than a slab of ice cream in between two warm cookies? I’ve always felt that they were a bit difficult to make, and ended up with a mess on my hands. Luckily, this BuzzFeed video has provided the perfect solution just in time for summer. Check out the brief clip below to see how to make the ideal ice cream sandwich, and let us know how you would put your spin on it. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to SHARE it on Facebook!