> Making Homemade Tiki Torches From Glass Bottles

Making Homemade Tiki Torches From Glass Bottles


With summer well upon us and temperatures steadily rising around the country, it’s time to get out your swimsuits, sunscreen, and anything else you may need. You’ll likely want to spend your time outside, preferably under some shade, relaxing by a pool or barbecuing with friends and family. This is what makes summer by far my favorite season.

In throwing the occasional BBQ or pool party, you’ll want to spice up your backyard a little bit with some festive decorations. Well, the folks at Build.com have you covered with a neat little project that will make your backyard look like a Hawaiian luau. Interested? All you need are some empty glass bottles and a few tools from the garage. Now, this isn’t the easiest project to embark on but it sure looks neat.

If you’re a handyman or like trying your hand at new projects, this one is for you. So grab a few empty beer glasses and your tool box and get to work. Be sure to take all the necessary safety precautions and follow instructions diligently. This project involves torch fluid and we wouldn’t want any accidents with that!

Below, check out the video to see how this project unfolds and what it looks like in its final form. Again, it’s not the easiest of projects to undertake, but it’s certainly not the most difficult. So give it a spin and let us know if you’re up for it. Would you like these in your backyard? Sound off below and please share the video on Facebook!