Male Cheerleader Stands Up To Bullies Who Broke Into His Car


When Dustin Jones decided to join the cheerleading squad at his high school, he certainly couldn’t have predicted his friends would respond the way they did. The so-called friends immediately began bullying him. They even broke the door, security system, and lights on his car. The teenager was heartbroken as the bullying persisted for weeks.

It’s almost as if they thought him doing backflips and cartwheels with a group of girls somehow made him less of a man. Whether male or female, the kind of athleticism put forth by this cheerleading squad is nothing to laugh at. Feeling disheartened, he came forward with his story to Fox 23 to take a stance against bullying. What he didn’t expect was for complete strangers to offer him so much kindness in return. In fact, a local auto repair shop decided to completely fix his car for free.

“I was not expecting that. That’s awesome. It’s good to know that there’s people out there like that,” Dustin told Fox. “I’m very happy that I told my story.” He even began receiving positive messages from college cheerleaders, including one from the NFL. This just goes to show, bullies might be an obstacle between you and your dreams, but they never really stand a chance.

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