Mama Dog Finally Gets The Happy Ending She And Her Puppies Deserve


Astreet rescuer heard about a several dogs that were either dumped or were strays in a 200-acre Los Angeles quarry. Just a day earlier, the rescuer had caught and saved a momma dog who was emaciated. She put two-and-two together; the stray dogs were her babies, and she needed to find them immediately.

Since the quarry was so vast, and surrounded by the city traffic, the puppies needed to be located as soon as possible. This woman trekked under the hot sun, crawled on her hands and knees and pushed through fences. Finding the puppies took patience, persistence, skill, and what can only be described as divine intervention — but finally, she did it!

Mamma Quarry was reunited with her babies, but sadly, only three of the five puppies survived due to extreme dehydration. It’s likely the three surviving pups would have died by the next day had they not been rescued.

But the video below is about hope. Wait until you see what Momma and her kids look like today — their transformation is incredible! And Momma Quarry, who was feral and terrified of humans, finally learned to trust.

Thanks to the fearless woman you’re about to meet, four precious lives were saved that day.

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