> This Man Just Wanted To Do Something Nice For His Wife. But Then She Said This

This Man Just Wanted To Do Something Nice For His Wife. But Then She Said This


The debate regarding the superiority of man and woman is never-ending and this has even given rise to concepts such as chauvinism and feminism. While men claim to be the first human creation of God, women project that Adam was incomplete and to complete his existence, Eve was created. The creation of Eve from Adam’s ribs has even helped many women win the debate. Whatever logic we apply to achieve victory in the argument, the truth does not change; the fact that man and woman complement one another and both cannot exist alone. And once we meet our special someone, all ‘isms’ are nullified. We try to give our spouses the best of what we are capable of and their happiness becomes our priority. This is the story of one such adorable couple and it revolves around the birthday gift a husband planned for his wife.

A few days before her birthday, she was looking into the mirror while he was gazing at her. He then asked her what gift she wished for.

She replied instantaneously, “I’d like to be eight again”.

He wanted to make her wish come true and planned the day accordingly. He woke up early and prepared Coco Pops for her. A visit to the Adventure World theme park was next on the list where they enjoyed the thrilling rides; the Screaming Roller Coaster, the Death Slide, the Wall of Fear and all that the park had to offer.

After having a great day at the park, they were exhausted as well as hungry, so he took her to McDonald’s outlet and munched on the Happy Meal along with some chocolate shake and extra fries.

The loving couple then headed to a theatre and took delight in the movie complemented with popcorn, candy and soda pop.

The day finally came to an end and the two happy souls returned home.

The wife dived into bed as she was drained of all her energy. The husband was happy to have fulfilled his wife’s wish to be a child again (be eight once more). Feeling like he had accomplished his goal, he asked her with a smile, ‘Well Dear, what was it like being eight again?’

She was surprised at the question and in a confused state answered,

‘I meant my dress size, you idiot.’

MORAL: Just because a man is listening, doesn’t mean he won’t get it wrong. Men will be men!