Man Quickly Clears Huge Driveway Of Snow, Gave Up Snow Shovel Has New Method For Everyone


Snow is kind of like a puppy – it’s fun to play with, but annoying to clean up after. And when a snowstorm hits, that cleanup job can actually be quite a hassle! Although snow plows are nice enough to take care of what’s in the street, they always seem to skip the driveway. Unfortunately, that means it’s time break out the shovel, and yes, it will probably take forever. A typical snow shovel is only about 12 inches wide, whereas a typical driveway is infinitely larger.


Ugh, don’t you wish that some Einstein out there would invent a nifty tool to clear up nature’s big mess in one fell swoop? Well, the Einstein in this video thinks he has it all figured out. And you know what? It turns out that his neat little trick actually works! Instead of spending money on the latest and greatest shovels, head down to your local home improvement store and grab a huge piece of plywood. It might be bigger than your whole body, but it does the job brilliantly!


Eric is eager to demonstrate how quickly he can clear his driveway, and he looks like a snow-plowing machine when he runs the plywood across his driveway. Wow, this hack is super simple and totally smart! Of course, it works best on a fresh powder, so it’s probably not a good idea to let all the snow in your driveway ice up. This guy can’t wait to show the world his new method of shoveling snow, and I can’t wait to try this! Watch the video below to see exactly how he does it.