> Man's windshield shatters while driving but 1 change could have prevented it

Man’s windshield shatters while driving but 1 change could have prevented it


One man is lucky to be alive and uninjured after a large chunk of snow and ice flew off the roof of an SUV and slammed into his front windshield, according to a report by WCVB.

Driver Jeff Cote of New Hampshire caught the entire thing on his dashcam. While he was uninjured, his car wasn’t so lucky. “There was glass all over me and all over the interior of the car … the side mirror cover’s been ripped off, and the left wiper arm is all bent up,” Cote told a reporter at WCVB.

Cote said in the interview that he had the dashcam installed in case he was involved in an accident that involved another party. The camera did not catch the other driver’s license plate, according to WCVB.

Cote said that while he’s upset that the Dec. 30, 2015, accident happened, he’s grateful that the Interstate 495 accident wasn’t worse.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers several tips for ensuring that your winter trips are as safe as possible including:

— Keep a snow shovel, broom and ice scraper on hand to remove snow from your car
— Remember to always wear your seat belt
— Check the weather, road conditions and traffic, plan to leave early if necessary
— Drive carefully and at a safe speed

Cote encouraged other drivers to clean off their vehicles before a trip. “Clear off your cars. It’s easy and could save someone’s life,” he said, according to WCVB.