She Was Married Just 6 Weeks When She Lost The Love Of Her Life. Over 60 Years Later, THIS Happens..


Back in the 1940s, Peggy Harris, a woman from Vernon, Texas, married the love of her life Billie. But six weeks after they tied the knot, Billie was sent to fight the Nazis in World War II.

Lt. Billie Harris was flown to Nazi-occupied Northern France on July 17, 1944. Peggy never heard from her beloved husband ever again…

For 68-years, Peggy wondered about the fate of her husband. She figured he had probably died in combat,  but in the  back of her head, she always wondered what if he was still alive.

At first, Peggy was told that her man was killed in action. Then, a second message said he was alive and coming home. After that, she was told he had died.

Confused, Peggy never really knew what had happened. And this weighed heavily on her heart.

Eventually, she just started to believe that her husband had been killed in action. Peggy even wrote to her congressman in the hopes get getting a clear answer as to the status of her husband.

That’s when she learned that Billie Harris was MIA or missing in action.

Still without answers, Peggy and her cousin, Alton Harvey, began their own private investigation.

After decades of searching, they finally found that Billie was buried in the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in France. But that was only the beginning to his secrets…

Although she finally learned he died, she could never have prepared to hear what had happened the last few days of his life. The man she loved had died a celebrated hero.

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