> Mom and her 3 kids die in horrific accident - then police discovers the heartbreaking truth

Mom and her 3 kids die in horrific accident – then police discovers the heartbreaking truth


Losing a child is the worst thing in the world. Now imagine losing your pregnant wife and three children all at once.

I don’t have any idea how I’d be able to move forward after such a tragedy.

Lindsey Schmidt, 29, and her husband Edward, from the quiet city of Beacher, Illinois, had three amazing sons, Owen, 6, Weston, 4, and Kaleb, 1, and were also expecting their fourth child.

With the holidays in swing, the three boys were signed up for a bible camp. They were all really excited.

Lindsey loaded the children into in the car and drove away.


When they came to a crossroads near their home, they were hit by a speeding car that ran a light. Kaleb and Lindsey died immediately at the time of the crash, reports The Chicago Tribune.

Owen and Weston were raced to a nearby hospital, but they both died of their wounds days later.

The 25 year old driver of the car needed reconstructive surgery to treat a large laceration on his arm.


In just a fleeting moment, Edward lost his whole family, a tragedy that will follow him for the rest of his life.

Edward would soon receive even more bad news on top of the tragic events. It came out during an investigation that the driver of the car was talking or texting on his phone as well as speeding, which is what caused him to miss the stop sign and cause four peoples’ deaths.


I can’t imagine losing my whole family, especially not for the sake of a text message.


It’s so easy to think that one quick phone call or text message won’t distract us from the road, but there are too many stories like this one that prove the opposite.

Just the thought of causing another human being harm due to checking my phone in the car gives me chills.

You can see a news report about the terrible incident below: