Light-up shoes are a popular trend that has had a steady following for several years. Almost every child has owned a pair of these shoes and business isn’t slowing down. They’re an automatic hit with children who love to stomp around the house incessantly as they show off the stellar light performance in their shoes. Have you ever stopped to wonder what powers the light? Two parents were stunned by the destruction they suspect was caused by their son’s shoes.

A couple in Katy, Texas noticed an odd haze building up in their vehicle. When Jovan and Attila Virag opened the back of their SUV, they smelled the familiar scent of burnt plastic and noticed that there was a hole burned into the floor and the back of their passenger seat was melted. They sifted through the contents in their backseat, but there was nothing that could have started a fire except for their 2-year-old son’s light-up shoes.

When Attila took apart one of the charred shoes, she noticed that the lights were powered by lithium batteries. The father hadn’t the slightest idea that there were batteries in the shoes that could short and we suspect he isn’t alone. Understanding the mechanics of a pair of shoes isn’t high on most people’s priority list.



The fire marshal was called in to investigate what may have caused sparks to ignite in the vehicle. A decision about the origin of the fire hasn’t been determined yet, but the shoes are being considered a possibility. The Virags are desperate to share this information with other parents. They were lucky that their son wasn’t wearing the shoes when the fire started. Otherwise, the consequences could have been way more severe.

Although light-up shoes may be high up on your child’s wish list, it might be safer to err on the side of caution or at least do your research before purchasing the shoes.

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