> After Months Of Silence, Susan Boyle Comes Forward With News That's Outraging Her Fans

After Months Of Silence, Susan Boyle Comes Forward With News That’s Outraging Her Fans


Susan Boyle first won over our hearts during her 2009 performance on Britain’s Got Talent. In the years since her show-stopping rendition of “I Dreamed A Dream,” Susan’s fame has skyrocketed and everyone seems to be mesmerized by her kind demeanor.

Unfortunately, even a kind-hearted star such as Susan isn’t exempt from neighborhood thugs. Now reports are being released that show how a large group of teenagers have treated Susan…

Screenshot via YouTube (Britain’s Got Talent/Independent Television)

Life for Susan hasn’t been easy – and it all started at her birth. While her mother, Bridget Boyle, was in labor Susan was deprived of oxygen and it ultimately led to some brain damage. To make matters worse, Susan survived a physical accident that caused her learning disability to deepen.

School was a place of discomfort, as many of her peers called her “Simple Susan.” The only time that Susan really felt like herself was when she listened to music.

As she grew older Susan quietly indulged her passion for music. While working in a restaurant as a young woman and studying for a government job in her hometown of Blackburn, Scotland, Susan made a point of attending musicals.

This love of the theatre led Susan to the song that would change her life forever: Les Miserables “I Dreamed A Dream.” It was that song that propelled her to stardom and garnered millions of fans from all around the world.

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Despite her overwhelming success, Susan has always done her best to keep things close to home. After raking in cash following her sudden rise to fame, Susan bought two properties in Blackburn and gave the larger of the two to her darling niece.

At first things seemed to be like a hometown dream made in Heaven, but then they took a turn.

A group of teens started targeting Susan at her home and around town. They yelled at her, made fun of her appearance and even threw flaming objects at her face! She couldn’t believe this was happening in the place she grew up and has given so much back to.

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Unfortunately, these teens are known around the community and the police have yet to stop the behavior. One resident spoke to The Mirror UK about how frustrating the past few months have been – the boys’ action has had a serious effect on her mental well-being.

“While I was waiting at the bus they lobbed a glass bottle at my head. Luckily, it missed – it would have been painful if it had hit me.

I’ve called the police 15 times. I’ve had to speak to victim support, I’ve had to call helplines because I’ve felt without hope.

They’re known to the community. They set the children’s park on fire, they put fireworks through somebody’s door, they threw eggs at a wee girl’s window.

They pick on the most vulnerable people. If there is more than one person they won’t do it – because they are too scared. It’s old people, children, mentally ill people.”

Hopefully the police will be able to rein in these teens and help Susan feel more comfortable in her own home.

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As of now, she told The Mirror UK that she’s relying on her neighbors and she appreciates everything they do to make her feel comfortable.

“I have great neighbors. They change my light bulbs and everything because I can’t do that.”

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Learn more about Susan’s heartbreaking run-in with the gang here. No one deserves to be treated like this!