Neighbors Called Him Crazy For Spending $8300 On 400FT Of Plastic – Until The Dam Saves His Home


In the days leading up to what would be a historic flood, the neighbors all laughed at Randy Wagner.

The Texas man began to grow more and more concerned when he heard just how bad the flood was looking to be, and while it took a lot of hard work, he somehow managed to save his house while all of the other homes in his neighborhood filled up with a record-breaking 27 inches of water.

With mandatory evacuations being sent out, Randy was running against the clock to get the job done. He looked online for anything that could save a home from a flood, and after a lot of research, he finally found it: the Aqua Dam!

The Aqua Dam is a 400-foot tube that you fill up with water, which acts as a giant sandbag surrounding a house. While it took Randy several hours to fill the whole thing up and get it in the right position, when it was finished, he certainly felt a bit better about his home!

Though the up-front cost for the dam was $8,300, when the water started rolling in, the investment paid off. Wagner realized that he would have probably had to pay much, much more and go through a lot of headaches just to get things back to normal, but thanks to his quick thinking, and the fact that he never gave up hope, his house stayed totally dry even during the record flood.

The most incredible thing about Randy isn’t that he saved his home. He doesn’t relish in the vindication or say to his neighbors “I told you so!” Randy keeps humble and thanks God for pointing him in the right direction to purchase the 400 feet of plastic that saved his home.

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