> Never Cry While Cutting A Stinky Onion Again

Never Cry While Cutting A Stinky Onion Again


Cutting onions is often the most dreaded part of preparing dinner! Your eyes start watering, which causes your mascara to run, and soon you’re an emotional-looking, onion-chopping mess. But now there’s an easy way to cut onion without your eyes watering like a faucet!

The first thing you’ll need to do is locate the rooted end of the onion. Place the vegetable with that end facing the sky and grab your paring knife. Then you’ll make an angled cut into the onion and work your way around the root in a circle. Once both end of the circle are touching, the bulb should come out with ease. The bulb is the part of the onion that contains the gases that causes our eyes to water – without it, you can cut tear-free!


Now you can continue to peel the onion until the brown skin is completely removed. Then you’ll flip it on it’s side and start chopping, slicing and dicing! The worst part of preparing the meal just got much easier with this helpful cooking hack!