NEVER Get A Ring Stuck On Your Finger Again! This Is SUCH A Cool Trick, I Never Knew!


Have you ever tried on someone’s else’s ring and been completely embarrassed when it gets stuck?! Or maybe you’ve gotten your own ring stuck… there’s nothing like a salty meal to do that!

Either way, you know how awful it is… especially when you need to get the ring cut off, often ruining a precious heirloom. In this video, a clever old man named David Kanters shares his lifelong secret to pulling off a precious ring without doing any damage to the ring… or to your finger!

When nothing else works, this is a foolproof way to save yourself the embarrassment and get that ring off fast, using only some dental floss or string and a pair of thin pliers.

It may work great, but it sure does look painful. Would you try this trick?! Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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