I Have NEVER In My Life Seen Anything This Incredible. How Is This Possible?


How. Is. This. Even. Possible?

The 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic trailer featured 500 people dancing in the sky in one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing performances I’ve seen to date.

Dancers – better described as acrobats – move through the air in perfect time with the music. Flawlessly hued lights shift over their bodies, tricking our eye, at times, into believing their limbs are made of rubber.

After watching this, I’m convinced that no combination of special effects could recreate what happens when dancers come together and use their strength and talent to create art in motion.

But THIS performance begs the question – how the heck weren’t they QUIVERING in fear?

Please SHARE these beautiful dancers with all of your friends if you found yourself as mesmerized as I am! The 7:20 mark is my absolute favorite.