> Non-Verbal Autistic Man Saves Baby’s Life

Non-Verbal Autistic Man Saves Baby’s Life


We may have a picture in our head of what a hero looks like, but the truth is that anyone could be a hero in the right circumstances. It just takes a person to take the action or make the call that could save someone’s life.  This “Inside Edition” story tells of a non-verbal autistic man from Ohio who alerted rescuers and saved a little boy’s life.

Aaron Cahal is 23 years old and doesn’t talk. He texts on a phone to communicate, and is often on social media. On Mother’s Day, while in his backyard, he heard screaming and he did something about it. Aaron took a photo of the location and posted on Facebook to the South Point Police Department. His message said, “Police we neee police, I hear big crying poeple, scary people”.

What was the screaming Aaron heard? An 18-month-old boy had fallen in the neighbor’s swimming pool and the family was screaming for help. Police were able to figure out the location from Aaron’s post, and they were able to save the baby and take him to the hospital.

Aaron’s family had a lot to say for him. Sue Cahal, his grandmother, was filled with pride. She said, “I’m very proud of him for what he’s done that day, and having a part in saving that little baby’s life.”

Aaron’s mother Lorena Cahal said, “Never underestimate no matter the ability or disability of a person, because you have no idea what they have to say or how they feel or what they have to contribute to society.” We can only imagine the assumptions people have made about Aaron all his life.

We are so glad that he was there to reach out in the only way he knew how: with his phone.

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