She Paints Glue Onto An Old Jar. The End Result Is STUNNING!


Before the snow comes and covers everything, there’s still a little time to enjoy the fall foliage out there! And what a better way to enjoy the beauty of fall then bringing a little bit of it inside!

All you need for this quick and easy project are some fall leaves, and old jar, modge podge crafting glue, and some string. If you’ve ever crafted in your life, you probably have all of these things around the house. So basically, you’re creating a really nice centerpiece without spending a penny!

I love it when people come up with design ideas like this. Everyone wants to make their house as cozy as possible when the colder weather hits, and videos like this prove that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money at home goods stores to make that happen. A little bit of creative thinking, and some recycled household items can work wonders!

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