Parakeet Sneaks Up To His Brother To Give Him An Unexpected Surprise


The bond between brothers runs pretty deep. Who else can you openly talk about sports, video games, and—gulp!—girls with? Yet not all male siblings like to wear their bro-ship for each other on their sleeves.

In fact, a lot of brothers tend to keep their friendship a little more low-key. And that’s totally fine… but it’s definitely not the way Fabio and Gabriel choose to treat each other!

A pair of Indian ringneck parakeets, these feathered fellas are actual brothers who were born a year apart. And what they do to show their friendship just might melt your heart!

There’s no doubt that every family is different, and not everyone is as close with their siblings as they’d like to be. That, however, is not a concern for real-life brothers Fabio and Gabriel!

The two are Indian ringneck parakeets, and they were born about a year apart. Still, they prefer to do just about everything as a duo—that even includes some fun games of hide-and-seek!