Parents Allows Daughter To Go To Sleepover But Quickly Turns Into Their Worst Nightmare


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – your child being hurt both physically and emotionally. But that’s exactly what happened when Naomi Johnson was invited to a “sleepover” by her alleged best friends. Once Naomi showed up, the group of girls did something unspeakable to the 14-year-old.

Just moments after arriving, a group of girls rushed Naomi and started punching her, kicking her and pulling her hair. “She walked into the garage, sat down, and she was texting on the phone, and then somebody… got up on [the] pool table and started filming. And then a few seconds later they attacked her, so it was premeditated,” Naomi’s father told KTVA News. The injuries Naomi sustained that night took weeks to recover from, and she’s still dealing with the mental ramifications.

Since the state has yet to press charges, the Johnson family is taking things into their own hands by filing a $100,000 lawsuit against the owner of the home that the beating took place, the woman against whom the charges are filed is also one of the suspect’s mom. Watch the disturbing incident for yourself, but beware – THE VIDEO BELOW IS GRAPHIC.