Parents let the family dog play with their little boy and get the whole scene on film


No one knows how a dog will react to a newborn, and that’s part of what makes parents so nervous when they bring their new baby home from the hospital.

Some dogs might not take to the newest addition of your family immediately, but others will be infatuated with them. You want to make sure your pet and child get along, but above all, you want everyone to stay safe.

This Shetland sheepdog named Pumpkin does more than just tolerate his little baby brother. In fact, when you see the two of them together, you will hardly believe your eyes. It’s that cute!

When you have a dog, introducing them to a newborn baby can be a tense situation for parents. Of course, you want them to embrace the newest family member completely and seamlessly, but jealousy can sometimes get in the way.

Kelsey MacDonald / Flickr

If it’s not the family pet who is craving his human parents’ attention when they’re giving it to the baby, it’s totally the other way around. However, that’s certainly not the case with one particularly lively dog and his little baby brother!


Pumpkin is a Shetland sheepdog with a lot of personality, and unlike many other dogs, he loves to spend his time playing with one of his best friends: his new baby brother! Ever since the two met, they’ve been inseparable.


Pumpkin just can’t get enough of his bib-wearing companion, and the adorable child appreciates every second of his beloved dog’s company. Playtime never gets boring when these two hit the floor for some afternoon games.


So, what’s their favorite game to play? Tag, of course! Pumpkin likes to sprint in circles around the living room coffee table while his persistent toddler-buddy excitedly chases after him. It’s toddler versus dog, but who will prevail?

Watching Pumpkin and his little brother chase each other is lovable, but the reaction the baby has when they’re both in the thick of playtime will have you in stitches. See his precious reaction to playing his favorite game with his furry friend…


These two are probably going to share giggles for years. It’s great to know that they’re going to grow up together!

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